Soul Custody


Siudy Between Worlds (Entre Mundos) – 50 performances of the American Dream, tells the story of the now Miami-based Siudy Flamenco Dance Theater (SFDT), whose heritage and roots are in Venezuela and Spain, but who aspire as transplanted artists, refugees and immigrants to see themselves accepted in their adopted American homeland and society. And more poignantly, as artists who were celebrated in South America and Europe, their own, personal version of the American Dream is embodied by the vision of realizing success on (what they perceive to be a cultural and national pinnacle) – the professional stage in New York City, New York.


Ostensibly schizophrenic, a young mother and avid artist, Lauren, attempts to make some semblance of order in her confused world. She remarries; Greg, a successful Attorney; patient loving, but jealous and insecure, nevertheless, he’s committed to the relationship even adopting Lauren’s 13-year-old daughter Victoria. Lauren desperately tries to rekindle her relationship with Victoria after being traumatized and separated from her biological father, Kenneth. Victoria secretly despises her mother’s demands not have any contact with her real-father as per a court-order. Despite the luxury lifestyle that Greg is providing, Lauren’s guilty conscience leads to frequent clandestine visits to an upstate penitentiary in an attempt to console and support her incarcerated childhood lover, Jack. Lauren believes that she sees apparitions while attributing such notions to her medication. The wealthy suburbs in the mountain town of Colorado, despite the patrician facades, hides an ominous reality. With all the trappings of wealth, what more could Lauren want? Love, wealth, sex, confusion, indecision, infidelity, lies, prescription drugs, therapy and lack of commitment obscures her perception of reality. Her fragmented life finally comes together but at what cost?

Réa. | DirectorsV Vansay ZanubonPays | Country UKDate27 Oct.Horaire | Hour20H | 8PMDurée | Length1:34:19Lieu | LocationEspace MiramarTicketsBilletterie | Ticketing

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