“I created the FIFP in order to show the unity and the universal sense of community present within diversity. In my opinion a lack of knowledge and awareness of others is the source of conflict. Cinema is a great instrument for teaching about beauty and tolerance of others. My idea was to show that a whole world can be discovered from a concept that initially seems to be reserved for a specific community”


Médaille de Vermeille de la Académie, Arts, Sciences et Lettres


The International “Festival International du Film Panafricain” (FIFP) in Cannes is a platform that exhibits cinema and its professions, arts and entrepreneurship, as well as innovation, culture and events.

The FIFP was created and founded by Mr. Eitel Basile NGANGUE EBELLE and the “Association Nord Sud Développement,  agréée jeunesse et Education Populaire Ministère de la santé, de la jeunesse et des sports n° 06514”.

As a driving force behind the PanAfrican Cinema and Arts industry, the Festival is constantly seeking specific solutions for the development of PanAfrican Cinema and Arts.

With a booming Pan-African market (from Africa to the Americas through the Caribbean, Europe and Asia), the Festival benefits from expertise in the development of cinema and Fashion as well as the development of cultural affairs.

Since its creation in 2006, the DIKALO AWARDS (meaning "message" in the Cameroonian language Douala) has been awarded by a professional jury for the best short and feature films (fiction), the best long and short documentaries, the Dikalos Peace Award, as well as the best actor and actress awards.

The FIFP is a felt moment. It is a unique experience where PanAfrican cinema and African cultures and those of its diaspora around the world are the central focus. Exceptional energy is felt.

The FIFP in Cannes has included along with its projections, conferences & workshops.

A few years from now, the market which features pan-African arts will generate considerable sums. "Tomorrow is now". This enormous potential must be brought forward into the light.

Such an “active dream” is an ideal that has made Africans and their diaspora what it is today. This was Mandela's and Obama’s vehicle, as well as many others...

Pan-Africanism is an aggregate of universalism. It contains all of the lights, those of ancient Egypt and those of the future. In short, a constant beauty.