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Films do not require subtitles to be submitted. However, once a film has been accepted for projection during the festival, it must abide to the following subtitling rules to accommodate our viewing public

  • English films must contain French subtitles.
  • French films must contain English subtitles.
  • Films containing a third language (other than French or English) must contain subtitles in both French and English.
>We can assist you with subtitling by proposing paid solutions from our partner translation service. Contact us at
>If accepted, your film must be submitted in digital High Definition format (either in .MP4, .MOV or .MKV format) via Wetransfer, or other file sharing platforms to For logistical reasons, we will not accept films in the DCP format. via Wetranfer ou autres plateformes de transfert. Le DCP n'est pas accepté pour des raisons logistiques.

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November 2021

"The Cuba in Africa team was honored to attend this festival and to be among the winners of two awards, including the Dikalo Award for Peace. The festival was warm, well-organized and all our questions leading up to the festival were fully honored. We were touched by how much thought went into recognizing and honoring PanAfrican films. I highly recommend this festival."

— Negash Abdurahman, Director of the film ‘Cuba In Africa’